Let me tell your story. I specialise in documentary style portraiture travel videos, vlogs and product showcasing in a narrative. Partnerships with tourism boards, the banking sector, car brands, luxury brands, travel agencies, technology companies – this is where the art of storytelling plays a compelling roll. Product use and experience in the field while narrating the experience back to your client is where my work is the difference. In a world where consumers are bombarded with generic adverts on TV, social media and YouTube, you need something that cuts through.



The best camera to use is the one you have with you. With mobile cameras improving so fast, taking out your phone to snap isn't just taking a picture, it's capturing a moment. I use the latest iPhone for professional Photo and Video alongside my Professional Camera Gear.

The gear I use

Don't lose the moment. As an affiliate of Moment Inc, Seattle in USA my gear and accessories are user friendly which means I spend less time on setup and more time on creating. Check it out.

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About Me
My name is Brionne Olsen. I am a Filmmaker and Photographer based Johannesburg, South Africa. I am the founder of Solid Bass Inc Pty Ltd, a business specializing in Sound Design, Voice Over recordings, Radio Imaging & Sound Design and Visual Content Creation.

Simplicity is key, from creatively using a smartphone to Cinema Gear, storytelling that is engaging should be the drive behind creating memorable content. Good storytelling matters and getting it from the initial idea to the end user in measured deliverables that drive results and makes the difference.

Great storytelling is the source for affective and engaging content. Capturing the attention of your customer without it being perceived as clickbait.  From pre-production; to the actual shoot; taken into post production - I’ve got you covered. I can assist in creating your next video project. You got the idea, I just bring it to life.